1st Auditions were on the 10th September.

2nd Auditions, for those not able to attend the auditions on the 10th will be held on Sunday 17th September at 5pm, again at the Curzon Centre.

Auditions will involve dancing, singing and acting.

Audition Songs:

Role Song Section
Tony No. 5. 'Maria' Whole Song Download
Riff No. 8. 'Cool' P88 'Boy Boy to P90 'Real Cool' Download
Sharks / Jets / Bernardo No. 2. 'Jet Song' P22 to end (sing all parts) Download
Maria No. 10. 'Tonight' p121 to end. Download
Maria No. 13D 'Somewhere' Whole Song Download
Anita No. 15. 'A Boy Like That' to p 183 (last bar) Download
Rosalia No. 7. 'America' p72 - p73 - 'blowing' Download